Our interventions

Some projects in Fermentation
  • Bacterial or yeast strain cultures for the production of enzymes for food.
  • Development of optimal conditions for enzymatic hydrolysis and alcoholic fermentation of cellulose pulp from straw pretreated by an Organosolv process. Read the article…
  • Development of natural and sustainable solutions for antifungal control in viticulture, arboriculture and market gardening. Read the article…
Some projects in Enzymatic engineering


  • Enzyme immobilization – hydrolases, isomerase, transferase for pharmacy (racemic resolution) and agri-food
  • Immobilization of industrial enzymes – Implementation in continuous reactors. Read the article…
  • Selection of mushroom strains producing an enzyme of interest
  • Optimization,  Purification, Enzyme Immobilization , implementation/ continuous bioconversion
Some projects in Purification and stabilisation of active substances
  • Tests and biosensors for the detection of biotoxins in aquatic environments.
  • Optimization of production, stabilization conditions and concentration of a  natural biocide obtained by fermentation of plants.
  • Development of a process for the extraction and purification of sugars from downgraded apples Read the article…

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